Origins in Frustration and Innovation

Latest Innovation

Tattoo Sauce originated from a place of frustration with the limitations of existing stencil fluids. Tattooists are often faced with stencils smudging easily due to sweating, artists rushing the process and poor quality stencil fluid that just isn't up to the task. The emergence of carbon printers for stencils highlighted the need for a new, innovative solution to ensure flawless transfers and durability.

Revolutionary Stencil Fluid

Home Made

Tattoo Sauce is a groundbreaking homemade stencil fluid meticulously developed to address the challenges of stencil transfer. Extensive experimentation and formulation have resulted in a product that endures throughout the tattoo session and guarantees secure and consistent application.

Tattoo Artist-Driven Excellence

Crafted by Tattooists for Tattooists

What sets Tattoo Sauce apart is its unwavering commitment to excellence. Developed by tattoo artists for tattoo artists, this UK-made stencil fluid is designed to enhance clarity, ensure optimal adhesion, and produce stunning, long-lasting tattoos. Tattoo Sauce reflects a passion for the art of tattooing and is dedicated to supporting tattoo artists worldwide in creating masterpieces that endure.