Why Tattoo Sauce?

Safety and Compliance

Leave the Tests for us!

Tattoo Sauce places a strong emphasis on safety by subjecting itself to rigorous testing to ensure compliance with CSPR regulations. This commitment assures tattoo artists that they are using a product that is safe for application to the skin, ultimately enhancing the well-being of their clients.

Vegan-Friendly and Skin Preparation

Vegan Friendly!

Tattoo Sauce's formula incorporates aloe vera, a natural, vegan-friendly ingredient renowned for its soothing properties. This ingredient aids in preparing the skin before tattooing, contributing to a more comfortable experience for clients and assisting in the healing process.

Clarity and Long-Lasting Stencils:

Stencils that last the whole session!

Tattoo Sauce distinguishes itself with its exceptional clarity and adhesion. Its unique formulation guarantees that stencils endure throughout the entire tattoo session, allowing artists to concentrate on their craft without the need for frequent stencil reapplication. This results in precise and high-quality tattoos, making Tattoo Sauce a dependable choice for professional tattoo artists.